Welcome Back!

Hello to all and welcome back for the start of the 2012/2013 indoor tennis season at the Quaker/Aurora Tennis Club.

Here a few things that you may want to know in regard to the upcoming season.

(1) We have six new members this year. When you get the chance please welcome-Dennis McCarthy, Frank Banasik, Mark Ackley, Jeff Jones, Bob Barrett and Jeff Murphy.

(2) The Club is at full membership and we have a waiting list.  Please contact Elaine Idzik if you know of anyone that wants to be put on the waiting list. Currently there is a need for female players at the 3.0/3.5 level.

(3) A new ball machine is on order and it is a big improvement over the current machine.  If you are interested in more details please talk to Jeff Breidenstein.

(4) The Club has a website-quakerauroratennis.com and Fred Bristol is our web master.  The web site is password protected and the code is our door code.  Take a look at the site and please let Fred know what you think of the site and what else needs to be added to the site.

(5) In case you missed it, our dues have been reduced this year.  Single membership is $600.00 and family membership is $900.00.

(6) The Club’s year end meeting is Saturday November 3rd.  Meeting starts at 6 PM.  Plenty of refreshments and a chance to try the new ball machine or just play some tennis.

Finally-Don’t forget to sign in when you play tennis.  I know that this isn’t always number one on your mind when you are ready to play but it is very helpful for the people that do the reserved court time scheduling to know when and how much the courts are being used.  Plus don’t forget to sign in your guests.  Our Club is a real bargain but it isn’t free.

Have a great tennis year.  Let’s all have fun and stay healthy.

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