Hello to all and welcome back for the start of the 2013/2014 indoor tennis season at the Quaker/Aurora Tennis Club.

Here are a few things that you may want to know in regard to the upcoming season:

(1)  We have six new members this year. When you get the chance welcome Tara Hart Nova, Orkham Rattanaphasouk, Christine Tinnesz, Maureen Mayer, Mark Palascak, and Maryann Wasielewski.

(2)  The Club is at full membership and we have a waiting list. Please contact Elaine Idzik if you know of anyone that wants to be put on the waiting list.

(3)  When you use the ball machine, don’t forget to tell the answering service that you are using the machine. This will prevent two people from thinking they both have the machine.

(4)  The Club has a website – http://www.quakerauroratennis.com – and Fred Bristol is our web master. The web site is password protected and the code is our door code.  Just about anything you need to know about the Club is on the website.

(5)  Enjoy the extra court lighting that was added this summer. There are two sets of switches and they turn on the metal halide and fluorescent lights.  This combination means our Club will continue to have the best court lighting in Western New York.

(6)  The Club’s year end meeting is Saturday November 9th. Meeting starts at 6PM.  Plenty of refreshments and a chance to use the new ball machine or just play some tennis.

(7)  Special thanks to Bob and Barb Sittniewski and Sue McClaren who cleaned up after the great “CAT”-astrophy at our Club. Several weeks ago a stray cat got into our Club and made a mess. Barb and Bob cleaned up the cat mess the first time but couldn’t find the cat. Sue did find the cat. It was very sick and needed to be put away. Sue took care of this and also cleaned up another mess.  Sue, Bob and Barb – You are now Super Quaker/Aurora Tennis members for 2013/2014.  Thanks again for coming to the rescue.

Don’t forget to sign in when you play tennis. I know that this isn’t always number one on your mind when you are ready to play but it is very helpful for the people that do the reserved court time scheduling to know when and how much the courts are being used.  Plus don’t forget to sign in your guests. Our Club is a real bargain but it isn’t free.

Finally – We have a cleaning service but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean up any mess you might make. If the recycle bins are full, don’t just look at them – take the full bags home and recycle.

Have a great tennis year.  Let’s all have fun and stay healthy.

Bill Gipe

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