Welcome back to the 2014/2015 season

Hello to all and welcome back for the start of the 2014/2015 indoor tennis season at the Quaker/Aurora Tennis Club.

Here are a few things that you may want to know in regard to the upcoming season:

  • We have one new family membership this year. If you see a new face it is either Kim or Mike Pasierb. Welcome to our Club.
  • The Club is at full membership and we have a waiting list of four families. Please contact Elaine Idzik if you know of anyone that wants to be put on the waiting list.
  • The Club has a website – http://www.quakerauroratennis.com and Fred Bristol is our web master. The web site is password protected and the code is our door code.  Just about everything you need to know about the Club is on the web site.
  • The Club’s year end meeting is Saturday November 1st.  The meeting will start at 6 PM. Plenty of refreshments and a chance to use our new ball machine or just play some tennis. Plus Tom Seiner will demonstrate how to use our new AED machine.  The machine was put to good use last year and we all should know how to use it.

And finally, please remember that we are a “do it ourselves” club, and we have very little outside help – or garbage, recyclables, or trash pickup.  Here are some things we can all do to have a more inviting facility:

  • Take home and recycle or throw out the recyclables, returnables, and trash when you notice that the containers are full.
  • If mud, cinders, or salt get tracked in, vacuum (in the closet next to the ladies room).  If you snack and spill, please vacuum small pieces and pick up large pieces.
  • If you use glasses, silverware, etc, wash them, dry them, and put them away when you are finished.  Please take any remaining food home with you
  • If you use recyclables, recycle them. If you use paper cups, drain them and throw them in the trash basket.
  • If you spill on the court, please wipe that up, and throw away empty tennis cans, water bottles, etc in the appropriate containers in the club room.
  • If you use the court for practice , please be sure to pick up all the balls on the court and behind the curtains when you are finished
  • Don’t forget to sign in every time you play.  Also sign in your guests.

Thanks.  Attention to these things will make it a much more inviting club.  Let’s treat the club as we would our own homes.

Have a great tennis year.  Let’s all have fun and stay healthy.

Bill Gipe – President of the Quaker/Aurora

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