Furnace and other club updates (5/30/16)

New furnace coming in June!
The new unit is on order and will be installed during the first half of June.  The winning bid was submitted by MJ Mechanical for $46,525.  They had the most competitive and professional bid, and have been servicing our old furnace for over 20 years.  It has a summer running mode that should help keep the club cooler during the dog days of summer.

To prepare for the installation, we hired Leigh to complete ditch work behind the club to reduce flooding where the exterior portion of the work will take place.  The drainage pipes are now unplugged and ground water is going where it should be going.  Additional details about the furnace installation process are available upon request.

Additional Padding
You may notice another improvement coming to your club: new padding!  Due to member feedback, we are in the process of adding padding around the beams along the sides of the courts.  Now you can go for those sharp angles with less fear of injury.

Memberships Available
Due to the number of members on leave, we are now accepting new members.  Please have prospective members contact Elaine Idzik at 200-3794 or editng@verizon.net for more info and an application.

Court Reservations
With no regular reserved court time from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the summer is a good time to play indoors at the club when the weather is bad and/or to work on your strokes with the ball machine.  Remember, you can check court availability before calling for a court on the schedule page of our website.

Member News
If you have any news that would be appropriate to share with the membership, please reply with the details so it can be considered for inclusion in the next newsletter.


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