Watch for your Board of Directors ballot and note these important winter reminders.

Happy Thanksgiving!
As we enter the holiday season, please remind your captain to cancel your league’s courts if you are not playing. Are your leagues playing on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day? If not, please don’t disappoint the families who are in town and looking for open court time.

Board of Directors Election
This year, the board terms of Carole Lane, Karen Ricciardi and Mitch Stenger are expiring. Carole and Karen will not be running for another term. We thank them for their dedicated service to our club!

Mitch Stenger will be running for another three-year term. Joining him on this year’s ballot are Jeff Breidenstein, Cindy Chynoweth, Jim Griffis, Martha Mathewson and Doug McFarland.

Please watch your email inbox for your anonymous online ballot soon after Thanksgiving. We’ll be using Survey Monkey again. Remember, family members get two votes, so check both emails and vote through both ballots. If you don’t receive the email ballot, please check your spam folder.

Important Winter Reminders
* Remember to park away from the building to avoid falling ice.
* Keep the bathroom doors slightly open so that they stay warm.
* Remove and leave your outdoor footwear in the meeting room to protect the courts from damaging salt and water.
* Also, when turning the lights off, please note the time in the sign-in book so members arriving after you know if the lights have cooled down sufficiently. It’s best to wait at least 15 minutes before turning them on again.

New Member
Please welcome Mark Szymusiak to the club. We need your help in recruiting more new members! Please encourage your friends and other prospective members to fill out a member application and/or contact Elaine Idzik at 200-3794, OR Andrea McGrath at 725-4502, Copies are on our website here.

Our next board meeting is the Annual Membership Meeting and is scheduled for Monday, January 13, 2020 at 6:30pm. All members are encouraged to attend.

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