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Erie County has announced a mask mandate for all indoor public locations.  All members & guests are required to wear a mask from the car to the court and from the court to the car.  In the facility, masks are not required on the court; however you may wear a mask on court if you feel it necessary.  Congregating in the club is prohibited until further notice

Members who bring a guest into the club will be responsible to ensure said guest is aware of and abides by the QATC policies and CDC/NYS/ Erie County guidelines.  Thank you for your continued cooperation in navigating and following these regulations, which has allowed the Club to remain open to date without any issues!
The board continues to closely monitor the CDC’s & Erie County’s guidelines.  Any changes to the current regulations affecting the use of the club will be communicated to members immediately.  


There are five new candidates (Jeff Breidenstein, John Bush, Rick Phillips, Ken White and Patty Widmer) and one incumbent (Nancy Montone) nominated to fill three open board seats.  Current board members Andrea McGrath and Bobby Mathew have chosen not to seek a second term.  The board is very grateful for their dedicated service.  Ballots will be out within the week.  Single members will have one vote and family members will have two.  Please watch for the ballot email & be sure to vote!


QATC has an agreement with Queen City Snow Plowing to handle our plowing needs.  We will see a significant savings over what we were paying in the past.  While Queen City is responsible for the plowing, our members are responsible for shoveling in front of the door.  It is appreciated if all members ensure the entry way is cleared and salt is sprinkled as needed.

We are asking that members park a few feet away from the building once the snow & ice accumulates as ice does fall from the roof and may cause damage to your vehicles.  If you are at the club and feel the parking lot is icy and needs to be salted, please contact a board member and we’ll reach out to Queen City.


The board would like to thank our neighbor Mark Kaczmarek (Kaz) for reaching out to us & offering to install a wooden fence enclosure for our wastewater disbursement tank behind our parking lot.  The project is now complete and is a great improvement over the snow fence that was there previously.  We’re lucky to have Mr. Kaczmarek as a friend to our club.


A few individual and family memberships remain available, please encourage your tennis friends at other clubs to consider membership at QATC — applications are available online — and prospective new members can be directed to Elaine Idzik or Cindy Chynoweth for further information.

We are happy to announce the addition of our new single member Pratyush Sunkara and family members Paul & Alyssa Scilingo.  Please welcome these new members and include them in your league play.

We are aware that the cups for the water coolers don’t fit in the attached dispensers.  The company has apologized and said that they are having problems getting the correct cups from their supplier. 

With the influx of so many new members, we have prepared an updated membership list which will be posted on the website within a few days.  One will also be posted at the club.


The next meeting of the QATC Board will be held AT THE CLUB on Monday, January 10th, 2022 at 6:30pm.  All members are encouraged to become more involved with the Club, and are welcome to attend.

Play Well & Be Well!
QATC Board

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