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The security cameras at the Club are up and the testing has been completed.

At our August 8th Board meeting, the QATC Board established a three member committee that will access the recording equipment as necessary to investigate requests by the Board to review specific incidents that have been reported.  These incidents will be duly documented and acted upon if necessary.  There will be no other access to the recording equipment to randomly look for rule violations or any other purpose.

At our club annual meeting on November 7th, time will be made available for club members to review the security camera system and the three member committee will answer any questions.  The committee members are Karen Riccardi, Jeff Briedenstein and Mitch Stenger.

The front door code number will be changed on October 1st.  The code number will now be changed annually.  Please do not share code numbers with guests and non-members.

With our new system of having the annual dues invoices emailed by our accounting firm, some members have reported not receiving them.  If you have not received an invoice, please email Jerry Workman and he will see that you receive one.

And finally, please let Elaine Idzik know if you know of anyone that is interested in joining our Club.  The Club could use a few players in both the women and men’s groups.

Quaker Aurora Tennis Club Board

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