Welcome back to the 2015/2016 season

Hello to all and welcome back for the start of the 2015/2016 indoor tennis season at the Quaker/Aurora Tennis Club.

(1) Jerry Workman has retired as our treasurer and Carole Lane is our new treasurer. Thank you Jerry for everything you have done and please welcome Carole Lane as his replacement.

(2) We have two members this year: Tom McQuillian and Bobby Mathew. Tom and Bobby are 3.5/4.0 players and are available as subs or to be a regular in a group.  Please contact Elaine Idzik if you know of anyone that wants to join our Club. Right now there is no one on the waiting list and the Club could use a few players in both the women’s and men’s groups.

(3) The Club’s year end meeting is Saturday November 7th. The meeting will start at 6PM. There will be plenty of food and drink plus the opportunity to use our ball machine or play a little tennis. Tom Seiner will be available to demonstrate how to use our AED machine and Karen Ricciardi will demonstrate how the security cameras work.

(4) The front door code number will be changed on October 1st. Please do not share the new number with guests or non-members.

(5) Finally, we are a “do it ourselves” club when it comes to trash removal, recycling and clean-up in the meeting room and on the court. Here are some things we can all do to have a more inviting facility:

(a) Take home and recycle or throw out the trash when you notice that the containers are full.

(b) If mud, cinders or salt get tracked in vacuum. The vacuum is in the closet next to the ladies room. If you snack and spill, please vacuum small pieces and pick up large pieces.

(c) If you use glasses, silverware or dishes, please wash them, dry them and put them away. Please take any remaining food and drink home.

(d) If you use recyclables, recycle them. If you use paper cups, drain them and throw them in the trash basket.

(e) If you spill on the court, please wipe it up. Throw away empty tennis cans, balls and water cups and bottles in the appropriate containers.

(f) If you use the court for practice, please be sure to pick all the balls left on the court and behind the curtain when you are finished. Don’t forget to clean up the yellow fuzz left by the ball machine

(g) And finally, don’t forget to sign in every time you play, sign in your guests and always call the answering service if you are not going to use your reserved court.

Thanks. Attention to these things will make it a much more inviting club. Let’s treat the club as we would treat our own homes.

Have a great tennis year. Let’s all have fun and stay healthy.

Quaker Aurora Board

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