February 2016 email newsletter

New email and member info system

We are starting to use this free program (MailChimp) to send out professional club emails, conduct board elections and surveys, and better manage our member info. We have loaded your profile and need you to update it before we send our annual update to members. Don’t worry, your info is secure and member info on the website is password protected. Plus we share only your email and phone numbers and only with other members. We promise not to share them with outside entities and not to send out too many emails.

Please take a minute to check your info by clicking the link below. List your phone numbers in the order you’d like them listed and used, and of course delete any you don’t want used. Thanks! This will help us better communicate important information about our club.

Please welcome the following new members:

  • Dan and Brian Johnson
  • William Ching
  • Dwayne Freeman
  • Lucas Hartney


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