Updates from the Club (3/15/16)

Court reservations can now be viewed online!  While we are still using the answering service to book and cancel court time, now you can see what’s available before calling to reserve courts.  This makes it more important than ever to cancel reserved slots if you are not going to use them.  You can access the schedule on the website under the Schedules tab or check it out here.  (Please note:  it takes five minutes for the document to update after calling to reserve or cancel a court).

We have two newly elected board members, Rob Montone and Flo Vach, who have volunteered to help run the club.  Also, Bill Gipe was re-elected as Club President.  Contact info for board members is under the Membership List tab.

Also under the Membership tab is the updated membership list.  You can also view it here.  You can update your member information at any time by clicking the “update your profile” link at the bottom of any of these emails.  An updated list will be posted on a regular basis; it is not instantaneous.  Please do not unsubscribe from this email list since this is the system we now use for communicating important information about the club and for conducting elections.

The water coolers have been replaced based on member feedback.  The plan is to now change them on a regular basis with clean units.

Please welcome our latest new member:  Susan Basil.  Please include her for your sub needs.


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