May 2017 Updates

Rosé & Racquets ‘n Beer & Balls
Reminder:  our 1st Annual Summer Celebration is a week from Thursday, June 1st at the club starting at 6pm.  Please RSVP through the email invitation that was sent out on April 29th through Punchbowl, or by calling Rob Montone at 912-8663.

There will be live music with Patty Sauer & Steve Barrick, an open mike, local craft beer, wine, Lloyd’s Taco Factory, hearty appetizers, JB’s restringing drop off and raffle, and a tennis pro tips presentation from Ken White.  Don’t miss it!!

Welcome new members
Please welcome our latest new member to the club, Jeff Tunkey.  Please include him in your groups.  Also, John Bush plans to expand to a family membership this fall.

Court Reservations
As mentioned in the last newsletter, the board has been looking for ways to increase open court time to better accommodate our active membership.  One key change will be implementing more flexible time slots so members don’t have to reserve two slots totaling three hours when they only need two hours.

Therefore, we will be allowing 60, 90 and 120 minute slots starting May 29th when league play and regular reserved slots end.  Over the summer, we will continue to work with the answering service on a new system that will handle this change; be less prone to errors than Google Sheets; will minimize input errors; and will include email/text reminders.

Beginning this fall, reserved court time that is blocked out on a weekly basis will be limited to 120 minutes or less, effectively freeing up ten hours of court time every week from the groups who have been given double blocks to accommodate two hours of play.

Also, we will be reverting to the original purpose of reserved time, which will limit these slots to prime time (weekdays: 9am to noon and 4:30 to 9:30pm; weekends: 7:30am to noon) and to regular groups/leagues of doubles players.  There is plenty of open time for members to reserve time for singles play, especially if it is reserved a week in advance.  Also, a 60 minute slot will now be an option.

New furnace summer mode
The summer mode of the new furnace will provide additional circulation of fresh air to make playing conditions more comfortable.  While it turns off automatically when the lights are off, please turn it off when not needed and remember to turn it off when leaving to extend the life of the motor and to conserve energy.

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