Club Party 5/31, Court Reservations, Other Important Announcements

May 13, 2018

Club Party – May 31st

Please join us for GRAND SLAM 2018, our 2nd Annual Summer Celebration on Thursday, May 31st at the club starting at 6pm.  We will be “serving” beer & wine and food from the four Slams.  You’ll also “love” the live music by Rob Montone & Jordan Rose.  It would be “aces” if you could attend – last year’s party was a big “smash!”  RSVP here by May 25th.

Court Reservations

Please use the new online reservation system for ALL court reservations.  If you haven’t registered, go to and login with your email address and “quakeraurora” as your initial password (no quotes).  Then you can change your password and confirm your profile details, especially being sure your cell phone is in the correct field.  Those in charge of leagues are designated as captains so you can cancel them when not playing.

Important Announcements

  • Guests are only allowed five visits in total, regardless of who signs them in.  Also, children under 17 may not use any of the club facilities unless accompanied by an adult.
  • We are now accepting new members so please encourage frequent visitors and other prospective members to fill out the member application that is posted on our website here.
  • All leagues end on the day before Memorial Day (5/27) and resume on the day after Labor Day (9/4).
  • Furnace switch:  during the summer, please turn the fan off when leaving; during the winter, it has to be left on.
  • The courts will be closed from time to time this summer for some major projects, the most significant of which will be resurfacing the courts.  These closures will be reflected on our online reservation calendar.
  • Prior to that project, we will have a club work day and will expect a good turnout to prepare and do some other projects around the club.
  • We will have at least one open board seat this fall, so if you are interested in helping the board keep the club running, please contact Mitch Stenger.
  • Our next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 11th at 6:30pm.  All members are welcome.

New Online Reservation System

April 13, 2018

You can make your own court reservations now for slots starting April 19th.  Please follow these steps to start using the system:

  • Go to the site and click the Login link at the top of the page or you can go directly to the login page by bookmarking the URL address
  • Enter your email address and “quakeraurora” as your initial password (no quotes)
  • Change your password and confirm your profile details, especially getting your cell phone in the correct field.
  • Start using YourCourts for your reservations starting April 19th.
  • You’ll be able to make one reservation per day for up to two-hours and one week in advance (down to the hour).  So right now reservations can be made up until 1pm on 4/19.
  • You can have up to three active reservations in advance.
  • You can still use the answering service if you prefer or are having troubles with the system.
  • See the user’s guide here for more info using the system (please note that we will not be using all features).
  • Those in charge of reserved groups (leagues) are designated as captains for those reservations so you can cancel them when not playing.  When making personal reservations, don’t use the “Choose a Team” option.

Enjoy the new convenience of making your own reservations!

Important Court Reservation Info

March 15, 2018

Court Reservations/Answering Service

We are testing an online court reservation service that will allow you to make your own reservations!  We can set up rules to keep it fair for all members such as:

  • Our two-hour and one week in advance limits and,
  • By limiting the number of reservations a member can make to one per day and to three active reservations in advance.

Until it is implemented:

  • Do not call the answering service for reservations during their peak call periods of 8:00-8:30am, 12:00-1:15pm and 4:30-6:00pm or you will likely encounter a delay.
  • Also, please take the time to check the schedule on our website for available slots before calling and,
  • Please limit your calls to one reservation at a time.

Welcome New Members!

Please welcome these new members:

  • Mark Halter
  • Martha Mathewson
  • Douglas McFarland
  • The family of Igor Palavestra & Maja Palavestra

Mark your Calendars

  • The next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 9th at 7pm.  All members are welcome.
  • The 2nd Annual Summer Celebration is scheduled for Thursday, May 31st at the club starting at 6pm.  Last year we had a lot of fun with great food, drink and entertainment so don’t miss it!


The club belongs to all of us and we all need to pitch in.…so please pick up after yourself, especially paper cups, dishes and stray tennis balls (including those behind the backdrops after practicing).

Important updates for the new year

December 19, 2017
Best Wishes for the Holidays and Happy New Year
The holiday season is a great time to enjoy the club with family and friends.  During this time we expect more reservations than usual so, if your group is not using a reserved slot, please remember to cancel it so other members can play during that time.  Also, please remember to sign yourself in and your guests.  Don’t forget that you can review court availability on our website on this page.

Board of Directors Election Results
Congratulations to Lynn Martin who has been elected to the Board of Directors.  She joins Fred Bristol and Tom Siener who were re-elected.  Every year the terms of three seats expire, so if you have been a member for two years and are interested in helping the board keep the club running, please contact the chair of our nominating committee Mitch Stenger.

New Member
Christine Gray Tinnesz has upgraded to a family membership.  Please welcome her husband Dylan.

Please park your car away from the building during the winter months to avoid snow and ice that might fall from the roof.

Playing Time
If you would like to have more group playing time, please check out the current groups on the Master Reserved Schedule and contact the appropriate coordinator so you can be included in their future schedules, put on a waiting list and/or listed as a sub.

Membership Recruitment
While we have a very vibrant membership, we are always on the lookout for new members.  Since word of mouth is the best way to recruit new members, we will soon be posting our membership application on the website so you can share it with potential members.  As always, please refer potential members to Elaine Idzik or Flo Vach.

Lost and Found
Coats and other clothes that have been left at the club for a long period of time have been removed and will be donated if not claimed by the end of the year.  Please reply to this email if you have left something that has been removed.  This process will be repeated on a regular basis so please don’t leave your personal belongings at the club.

Reservation Tips
For the best service, please avoid calling the answering service during their high-volume times between 8:00-8:30am and 4:00-6:00pm Mon-Fri.  Also, please remember that we have a two-hour limit on reservations.

Facility Improvements
Some of the capital improvements we are considering include resurfacing the courts, improving the summer ventilation, installing exterior spacers along the parking lot and muffling the furnace.  An annual member work day will be scheduled this spring to tackle smaller projects and do deep cleaning.

Furnace Switch
If you turn the furnace off, please remember to turn the switch back to the winter position so the next group is comfortable.

Mark your Calendars
The 2nd Annual Summer Celebration is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 31st at the club starting at 6pm.  Last year we had a lot of fun with great food, drink and entertainment so don’t miss it!

Board of Directors and New Members

October 4, 2017

Board of Directors

We still have spots on the ballot for the annual election of three seats (of nine) on the board of directors that will be held this month.  One of the seats has no one running for re-election.  If you have been a member for at least two years and are interested in serving a three-year term and helping the board keep the club running, please contact Mitch Stenger.

Board Elections

Please watch your email inbox later this month for your online ballot.  We’ll be using the Survey Monkey system again.  Remember, family members get two votes so check both emails and vote through both ballots.  If you don’t receive a ballot, please check your spam folder.

Welcome New Members

Please welcome our newest members and include them in your groups:

  • Wojtek Starakiewicz and Denise Starakiewicz
  • Karl Hamberger
  • Joe Armenia and Keri Raymond
  • John Beyer
  • Also, the Ackers (Derek and Cindy) and Hart-Novas (Tara and Chris) have upgraded to family memberships

Welcome back for the 2017-18 Tennis Season!

August 26, 2017

Hello to returning and new members!  We hope you’re having a great summer.  The indoor season officially starts the day after Labor Day when our leagues start and reserved court time goes into effect.  Remember, we are a “do-it-ourselves” club so we rely on all members to pitch in to help keep it clean.  Please pick up after yourself, wash your dishes, take home the garbage and recycling when they’re full, sweep up the fuzz and collect the balls behind the curtains after using the ball machine, etc.  Treat the club like we treat our own homes.

Also, it’s important to sign in every time you play (including guests) and to always call the answering service if you are not going to use your reserved court so other members can play.  With the new flexibility for court reservations, the sign-in sheet has a new look.  It’s very important to note the time you turn off the lights so the next member can be sure they have cooled off 20 minutes before turning them back on (to avoid an even longer wait).

Welcome new members
Please welcome our latest new members to the club:  Susan Bach and Diane and Preston Zarlock.  Also, two members have upgraded to family memberships adding Amy Bush and Glenn Maue.  Please include them in your groups.

Membership Dues
Invoices will be mailed the week of August 21st.  If you don’t receive it, please contact Carole Lane or our accountants at Philipps Brooks.

If there will be a change in your membership status or if you need to continue your medical leave, it is critical that you contact Carole in writing ASAP.  Your membership invoice is due upon receipt (but no later than September 20th).  If payment is not received by October 1st, membership privileges will be suspended.

Court Reservations
Over the summer, we implemented more flexible time slots (60, 90 and 120-minutes) so members don’t need to reserve two slots totaling three hours to play two hours.  In addition, we have been working with the answering service on a new reservation system that will handle this change; speed up the process; minimize input errors; and include email/text confirmations and reminders.

Beginning this fall, when you reserve a court, you’ll be asked:

  • How long you’d like to play (60, 90 or 120 minutes)
  • What court you are reserving (or next available court)
  • The date and time
  • Your name only – the system already has our active membership list with emails and cell phone numbers
  • You will receive an email and/or text message confirming your reservation and a reminder the day before.  If you’d like to change any of these options, please tell the answering service or contact Fred Bristol.  If we don’t have your cell phone for the text reminders, please give it to the service or Fred so it can be added for this functionality.
  • To save time in making your reservation, please check the online calendar first so you know what time slots are available.  The calendar has a different look than our old Google sheet.  To become familiar with it, go to  Navigation controls are in the upper left corner so you can also view by week or day using the arrows to change the date range.  Once we go live, the link will be in the usual spot on the website.
  • Also, please avoid calling the answering service during their high-volume times between 8:00-8:30am and 4:00-6:00pm Mon-Fri).

Board Elections
The annual election of three open (of nine) board of director seats will be held this fall prior to our annual meeting.  If you are interested in serving a three-year term and helping the board keep the club running, please contact Mitch Stenger.

Rosé & Racquets ‘n Beer & Balls
Thanks to our social committee for a great event on June 1st.  Don’t miss our next social event which will be held in conjunction with our Annual Meeting later this year.


May 2017 Updates

May 22, 2017

Rosé & Racquets ‘n Beer & Balls
Reminder:  our 1st Annual Summer Celebration is a week from Thursday, June 1st at the club starting at 6pm.  Please RSVP through the email invitation that was sent out on April 29th through Punchbowl, or by calling Rob Montone at 912-8663.

There will be live music with Patty Sauer & Steve Barrick, an open mike, local craft beer, wine, Lloyd’s Taco Factory, hearty appetizers, JB’s restringing drop off and raffle, and a tennis pro tips presentation from Ken White.  Don’t miss it!!

Welcome new members
Please welcome our latest new member to the club, Jeff Tunkey.  Please include him in your groups.  Also, John Bush plans to expand to a family membership this fall.

Court Reservations
As mentioned in the last newsletter, the board has been looking for ways to increase open court time to better accommodate our active membership.  One key change will be implementing more flexible time slots so members don’t have to reserve two slots totaling three hours when they only need two hours.

Therefore, we will be allowing 60, 90 and 120 minute slots starting May 29th when league play and regular reserved slots end.  Over the summer, we will continue to work with the answering service on a new system that will handle this change; be less prone to errors than Google Sheets; will minimize input errors; and will include email/text reminders.

Beginning this fall, reserved court time that is blocked out on a weekly basis will be limited to 120 minutes or less, effectively freeing up ten hours of court time every week from the groups who have been given double blocks to accommodate two hours of play.

Also, we will be reverting to the original purpose of reserved time, which will limit these slots to prime time (weekdays: 9am to noon and 4:30 to 9:30pm; weekends: 7:30am to noon) and to regular groups/leagues of doubles players.  There is plenty of open time for members to reserve time for singles play, especially if it is reserved a week in advance.  Also, a 60 minute slot will now be an option.

New furnace summer mode
The summer mode of the new furnace will provide additional circulation of fresh air to make playing conditions more comfortable.  While it turns off automatically when the lights are off, please turn it off when not needed and remember to turn it off when leaving to extend the life of the motor and to conserve energy.